Grenada weather map

The weather in most locations in Grenada today is expected to be warmer than yesterday, with average temperatures ranging from 24.1°C to 25.67°C.

Weather forecast for major cities in Grenada

Location Forecast Now Min Max Chance of rain
Saint George Heavy Intensity Rain 25.52° 24.94° 28.3° 100%
Saint John Heavy Intensity Rain 24.36° 22.09° 27° 100%
Saint Mark Heavy Intensity Rain 25.29° 23.38° 27.61° 100%
Saint Andrew Heavy Intensity Rain 24.1° 23.45° 26.81° 100%
Saint David Heavy Intensity Rain 24.41° 24.01° 27.29° 100%
Saint Patrick Heavy Intensity Rain 25.13° 24.35° 27.52° 100%
Southern Grenadine Islands Moderate Rain 25.67° 25.14° 28.05° 100%

Frequently asked questions

What is the weather right now in Grenada?

As of now, the weather in major cities in Grenada varies:
- In Southern Grenadine Islands, the temperature is around 25.67°C (78.21°F), with moderate rain.
- In Saint Andrew, the current temperature is about 24.1°C (75.38°F) heavy intensity rain.

What type of climate zone is Grenada?

Most cities in Grenada are classified within the Tropical wet and dry or savanna climate zone (Köppen: Aw).

Where is the hottest place in Grenada today?

Southern Grenadine Islands is the hottest place in Grenada right now with the daily high temperature reaching 25.67°C or 78.21°F, followed by Saint George (25.52°C/77.94°F), Saint Mark (25.29°C/77.52°F) and Saint Patrick (25.13°C/77.23°F).

What is the coldest place in Grenada right now?

Saint Andrew is the coldest place in Grenada right now, with average temperatures hovering around 24.1 °C or 75.38 °F.